Hello Camp EverGreens Families~

Thank you for being a part of our very first month as Camp Ever Greens.  We have already had so much fun learning, laughing and creating with each other. Now that we have had a few weeks together, the children are really starting to get to know one another, myself and our counselors and are all fitting in very nicely!

We start each and every afternoon with a healthy snack and then continue to our circle time where the kids love to practice their reading skills by taking turns reading to the group. Even the children who are not as confident in their reading skills are taking a crack at it! We’ve found that after circle time, the very best way to come together as a group and get some wiggles out is a quick 15-20 minute yoga session. This seems to be just enough time to center ourselves for the activity of the afternoon and work on our listening skills along with stretching growing bodies.

Our second half of the afternoon is split up depending on the number of children we have participating that day. For smaller groups we will all go out together for an outdoor activity (park! hula hoops! relay races!) and on days with a few more kids we will split into two groups with the children choosing if they want to participate in a creative activity (painting recycled materials, building fairy houses, water coloring) or something physical out in the park. We often take nature walks and have noticed so many changes in the creek near our clubhouse in the one month we have been here!

Our wonderful counselor Matthew (Tuesdays and Thursdays) will always bring out his guitar for music time together, it’s wonderful to see children from many different schools know many of the same songs, and even if they don’t they hop right in anyway!

We look forward to what February brings to our growing group.

We still have availability on each weekday at Camp Ever Greens so please spread the word! We always look forward to welcoming new faces to our group. Any interested parents can email me at hello@campevergreens.com. See you soon!

Kind regards
Alyssa Rumrill
Camp Ever Greens
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