Hello from Camp Evergreens~

In February and March we went springing outside of camp! Being outdoors is what we like best, soaking up that sunshine! A little reminder as these days become hotter and we spend more time outside, the kiddos may need some sunscreen and water bottles (the park water fountain has been shut off recently.) And of course we still have some rainy days in the months ahead so thank you for preparing your children for that as well.

We would like to welcome Adelle to Camp Evergreens! We are excited to have you as part of the group! =)

A few things we have been enjoying lately:

– Water Color Painting
– Rubber band bracelets
– Kite flying
– Making bunny bookmarks
– Yoga!
– Valentine’s crafts in February
– Bubble Catching
– Salt and water color effect painting
– Checking out the creek when it is very full
– Snake in the grass
– Play-dough sensory play
– Usual Shenanigans (Painting, reading, Beading, Drawing/Coloring, Puzzles, Playing with friends)

Check out our Shutterfly link here to see what we have been up to!

Much Love from the Camp Ever Greens Crew,
Heather, Matthew, Nada, Alyssa and Grace