Hello Camp Ever Greens Families~

We have been having a great time at CEG these last few weeks with many new projects and discoveries!

We started the month of February focusing on all things LOVE. The children really enjoyed making their own Valentines, spending extra time and detail on each to get it JUST right. The best part was seeing how, even with the same materials, each was completely different and unique, just like our little campers 🙂

More outdoor time was spent collecting materials for fairy houses which are quickly turning into Leprechaun traps as we move into March. As a group we like to observe the changes that occur between days and weeks and talk about who or what might have helped make those changes to our fairy’s environment.

Baseball season has started and we are right next to the high school practice in Doyle Park which the kids really enjoy watching. We were able to have our own games of tee-ball and our very own Jadon Black created a variation on baseball for the CEG kids that they dubbed “J-Ball”! Creating our own games is a large part of our outdoor time at CEG. It gets our bodies AND minds moving, even after a long day at school.

This month we began working in clay, hoping to have some of our pieces ready in May for our annual Art From The Start fundraiser for Mixed Greens/Camp Ever Greens (details to come.) Many pieces are dry and ready to be painted. We can’t wait to see how they look after a trip to the kiln!

Another form of mixed-media has sprouted in our group, collage! We have found this is a fun and tactile way to get children to think outside of the box when it comes to art. There are so many ways to make a collage, and each is perfect in it’s own way.

Our final project of the month, which we will keep expanding on in March, are tracings of ourselves which we are filling in with help from friends. The children will look at each other for quite a while to distinguished the exact eye color, skin color and even freckly color to enhance their portraits. This brings up great conversations on similarities and differences and is also a great collaborative effort. We can’t wait to add these as a new addition to our club house.

We still have availability on each weekday at Camp Ever Greens so please spread the word! We always look forward to welcoming new faces to our group. Any interested parents can email me at hello@campevergreens.com. See you soon!

Kind regards
Alyssa Rumrill
Camp Ever Greens

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